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*Rectangular tissue box in soft leather.
24x12xh 7,5 cm code 341

*Big rectangular box with lid, wood covered in leather.
27,3x15,5xh 4 cm code 338

*Paper holder, wood covered with leather, included block of white paper.

11,7x11,7xh 3,5 cmcode 342

*Square trinket tray hand made in leather.
14x14 cm (base) code 131

*Rigid desk pad, in leather, non-slip base.
56x42,5 cm code 316

*Replaceable journal with leather cover, unlined block with ivory paper, 96 sheets, 192 pages.

*A4 paper 21x29,7 cm code 967

*Authomatic tape with cm and inches, covered in leather.

ø 5 cm code 425

*Rectangular frame wood base covered
in leather, inside frame in silver plated metal.
 13x18 cm (photo size) code 811

*Letter tray, wood covered in leather.
35x26,5xh 4 cm code 339

* Pencil holder, small, wood covered in leather.

27x9,7xh 3,5 cm code 334

*Square pencile cup, wood covered with leather.

9x9xh 9 cm Code 331

*Ipad sleeve in leather.

 26x 20,5 cm code 498

Liverpool desk set

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