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The ultimate in luxury beauty tools, Zadro's oversized Glamour LED Mirror helps you create flawless makeup looks and hairstyles every time.

The ultra-bright LED lighting features three adaptive color settings of Daylight (natural sunlight), Office (cool white) and Evening (warm white), so you can create color-correct makeup looks depending on where you'll be going next. The convenient 5X magnification side is great for viewing close up detail while still allowing you to see your entire face. The everyday 1X side is perfect for all-around hairstyling, makeup application, and every beauty need in between.

*As of 9/24/21

  • Set includes: LED magnification mirror and AC adapter
  • Effortlessly switch between each magnification side using the 360-degree endless mirror head rotation.
  • Multi-functional Smart Dimmer™ control pad fully adjusts the light's brightness and switches between each lighting color setting.
  • Dimensions: 12.75"W x 6.25"D x 16"H
  • Mirrored surface is 9.25"
  • Weight: 7.12 lbs.
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty 
  • WARNING: Do not use any power adapter, charger or cords other than those included with your product. Using incompatible, counterfeit or non-certified accessories can cause fire or accidents. Contact the manufacturer for replacements.




  • 85% metal/ 10% glass/ 5% electronics
  • Wipe clean

Glamour Round Surround LED Mirror, 5X/1X Magnification

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